About eco-insectbuster™

Eco-insectbuster™ is a unique automatic anti-insect system for the repelling of; flies, midges, wasps, ants, etc. The system can be set at intervals of up to 30 minutes, and will work 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

• No more bugs in your house
• Natural Pyrethrum
• Not harmful to humans, animals (warm-blooded) and the environment
• full automated system 24/7
• dispenser is easily refillable
• multi-inzetbaar

The eco-insectbuster™ dispenser is ideal for use:

  • in your home (living room, bed room, hallway, etc.)
  • on your terrace / veranda
  • in your office
  • in the canteen at work or at your sports club
  • in pubs, restaurants, and other eateries
  • on boats
  • in the campervan, caravan, or tent
  • in a kennel
  • in milking parlours / around milking robots
  • in horse stables (2-10 boxes)
  • during horse transport
  • in veterinary clinics